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​​​​Current litters & Waiting list Info

​Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
in Phoenix, AZ


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small noble breed with the personality of a BIG dog. Their personality has been compared to that of a Golden Retriever, very loyal, calm and not one bit aggressive. They make excellent pets for both the young and old, get along with all types of animals, and adapt to a variety of different atmospheres. They are easily trained, they love to please. Cavaliers are NOT independent. They are not a dog you can put outside and expect them to thrive on their own. They crave company and need to live in the home and love to sleep alongside their owner.

Puppy Pen


We do have several puppies available right now.

Learn about our Guardian Program


Apply to become a guardian for a Cavalier in our breeding program. We always welcome applications for qualified families in and around Phoenix, AZ. 

Rob & Donna Ehmann
Phoenix, Az
(602) 740-5484
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Responsibly Bred Dogs


Please do not buy your puppy from a pet shop or broker as nearly ALL these puppies come from a Puppy Mill where adults live in cages every minute of their lives, are treated only as breeding machines, are not tested for any inherited genetic defects, and neither adults or puppies are properly socialized. Buy only from reputable breeders who are breeding to improve the health and quality of their dogs and who care about the welfare of the dog.

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