Guardian Program

A guardian program allows breeding and show dogs to be placed in a loving home environment with their forever homes at a young age, while continuing to contribute to the preservation of the breed. This prevents the stress of being rehomed at 5-6 years old. This allows my girls to be raised in a home environment, be well socialized while still receiving the stellar care of a high-quality breeding dog. 


  • Minimized costs while the dog is in the program (I cover: vet bills, vitamins & supplements, grooming, etc.

  • When the dog retires the dog is spayed, has her teeth cleaned and is given to the guardian family, free of charge

  • If at any time the guardian program or dog ownership does not suit your lifestyle I take the dog back, no questions asked.

  • A 25% discount at The Hairy Dog Pet Supply Store to cover toys, beds, food, etc. for all of your guardian dog's needs.


  • The dog is owned by Hurricane Cavaliers until she is spayed and is retired. Major decisions such as diet, grooming, medical care and breeding is up to me. 

  • The dog will come back to Hurricane Cavaliers every time she is in heat. Although she will remain with her family during gestation, she will return to me for 8-10 weeks to deliver and raise her babies. 

  • Breeding dogs blow their coat and look different physically after raising a litter of puppies. 

  • Our dogs must be fed Open Farm Dog Food. Open Farm can be purchased online, at approved retailers or at The Hairy Dog in Phoenix 

  • Guardians are responsible for all transportation to and from Hurricane Cavaliers (for breeding & whelping) and The Hairy Dog (grooming).


​​Contact us to inquire about our Guardian Program!

To be considered for our Guardian Program you must submit an application (above), but please feel free to contact us regarding wait times for Guardian puppies.​


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