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Waiting List

Waiting List and Deposit Policies: 

I require a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to be placed on my waiting list. This deposit will be deducted from the full purchase price of $3000, which includes limited AKC registration. Payments can be made by check, cash, PayPal (fees are not covered by Hurricane Cavaliers, you must click ‘send money to friends and family’ to avoid them charging us a fee) or Venmo to 602-740-5484.  Clients are placed on the waiting list in the order of the date and time deposits are received (not the date you mail them). Puppies will be offered in the same chronological order as received deposits according to the sex and color preferences chosen. Clients should have some idea of what they desire in a puppy prior to placing a deposit i.e. color, sex and a second choice. However, this is not required in order to be placed on our waiting list. You can request a certain litter but it is in no way guaranteed.

Before placing a deposit with us, please be certain that you are willing to wait for your special puppy. We do our best to fulfill the requests of our clients, but, genetics being what they are, we cannot predict how many pups will be produced or the sex and (sometimes) color that will result from any breeding or if the breeding will be successful and produce puppies at all.  Currently the wait is around 1-4 months (but could be more) depending on the color and sex you are looking for.

Waiting List Factors:

We receive numerous inquiries on the size of our waiting list, or the approximate time it may take for a client to receive a puppy from us. The size of the list is not always a factor in the selection process. Clients may pass on a puppy that is exactly what another client desires. Because of this, we cannot predict when a puppy will be available.

The reasons that people pass on a puppy are endless. Some of them are: ‘We are not ready for a puppy at this time’, ‘We are moving’, ‘We like the puppy, but it’s not exactly what we are looking for’, ‘Not the right sex’, ‘We just found out we are pregnant’, ‘We haven’t had time to put up a fence’, ‘An illness prevents us from taking a puppy right now’, ‘We’ve had a job change’, ‘Our current dog has become ill’, ‘We will be traveling when the puppy is ready to go home’.

Sometimes we will have puppies available to the public while still having many people on the waiting list also.

Breeding Procedures:

Once we have bred for an upcoming litter or litters, I will list them in the Puppy Pen on my website with an approximate due date and color possibilities. We usually do not know if a dog is pregnant until the 4 to 5 week mark. A dog is pregnant for 58 to 65 days and we are never completely sure of the day the female ovulated and conceived so due dates are not always an exact science. Once a litter is born I will announce it in the Puppy Pen, usually within 24 hours, and list the colors and sexes that were born. Sometimes it takes me a day or two to get a quick group photo of Mom and babies and I don’t post individual photos until they are 1 to 2 week of age. Pups are delicate and Mom’s are protective and anxious before that time. After that we do weekly photo updates and post them on our website in the Puppy Pen up until the puppies are 6 weeks of age.

We do not allow visits until the pups are at least 4 weeks old and we prefer that no more than one visit per 2 weeks are made. We can text or email quick videos and give you email and phone updates as to their progress, health and personalities.

Placement and Picking Procedures:

Once a litter is born I will notify my deposit holders with preferences that match that litter to see if you would like to put a hold on a puppy or, if there is more than one of a sex and color, a pick (1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on) of that litter. This is the initial choice you must make and it is usually during the first week they are born. You must choose a single sex and color from a single litter. Once you place your deposit on a litter you come off the waiting list.  You can change your mind and go back on the waiting list without loosing your spot up until the pups are 4 weeks old.

At any time you can change your mind and be placed back on the waiting list, keeping in mind if another litter has been born in the meantime and a deposit holder chose a pup from that litter you will be bumped down the litter after them. Deposits may be transferred to another litter as many times as needed until you find the right puppy for your family. Should you choose to transfer your deposit you may or may not receive the same picking order as before. Transfers are placed at the highest available spot behind anyone who already has a deposit placed. If you decide to transfer your deposit you will want to notify me as soon as possible to secure a good picking position. You cannot maintain a spot on the waiting list once you have chosen a litter to pick a puppy from or a specific puppy from a litter. A deposit equals one spot on the waiting list or the reservation of a pick of a litter or a specific puppy.

Deposit holders are to make their final puppy choice between 4 and no later than 6 weeks of age. Failure to decide or choose a puppy within the 6 week time frame given will result in forfeit of your pick spot and I will notify the next person on the waiting list to make their choice and so on. Puppies come with AKC limited registration (PET ONLY) unless Full AKC Registration is otherwise arranged with me (very rare).
It is your responsibility to notify me of any changes to phone numbers, emails or puppy preferences.

Final Pick Up Policies:

We start potty training at 4 & 1⁄2 to 5 weeks using a special whelping and weaning pen, they are paper and doggy door trained by the time they are 8 weeks. The Mom’s start naturally weaning them between 5 and 6 weeks and they are usually totally weaned by 6 & 1⁄2 to 7 weeks. When you pick them up around 8 weeks they are on hard food. 8 weeks to the day is the earliest possible day the puppy will be able to leave our care and the pick up of your puppy should be no later than the weekend after your puppy turns 8 weeks old. If the puppy was born on the weekend you have up to 3 days to pick up the puppy after the 8 week mark.  If you need us to keep your puppy longer than 8 weeks, arrangements need to be made in advance. We offer accelerated training program for puppies 8 weeks and older for $50 per day. This will also include any shots needed during their board and train stay. This option is not always available so you are encouraged to book as early as possible. Puppies will be potty and crate trained learning how to sleep extended periods of time through the night and adjust to being away from the litter and being more people oriented vs puppy and dog oriented. They will also learn basic commands such as sit, stay, come and how to walk on a leash and wear a harness/collar.

Should we feel a puppy is not ready to leave at 8 weeks, and they will stay in our care until we feel they are ready. Should we change the release date, no boarding fee will be charged for that period of time. Final payment for your puppy needs to be made between 6 and 8 weeks of age regardless of the pick up/delivery date and any boarding/training also needs to be paid in advance.

Taking possession/delivery of your new puppy is the sole responsibility of the person purchasing the puppy. As a courtesy we will help arrange delivery (in the case of an out of state purchase) and such but are in no way responsible for what happens to the puppy after it leaves our property. If a puppy is hand delivered via air or vehicle the puppy must be paid for in full before it can leave our property.

If you are coming to pick up your puppy in person you should bring a small crate and towel for the journey home. We will provide a bag of food and samples of supplements along with your binder of paperwork if you are not able to order it first through Open Farm with my discount code.

Waiting List

  1. LARCY M B&T, TRI or ANY  9-18-18am ON HOLD

  2. JUDY Female Tri or Blenheim 12-23-19 ON HOLD

  3. BRIAN & JENNIFER Male or Female Tri or Blenheim 1-16-20 ON HOLD

  4. MELANIE & CHRISTIAAN Female Any (blenheim preferred) 2-1-20  ON HOLD

  5. NANCY Male Blenheim or Tri 2-20-20 ON HOLD

  6. DANIELLE Female Tri 5-27-21  ON HOLD

  7. MICHAEL & JENNIFER Female Blenheim, Tri or Ruby 7-6-20 ON HOLD 

  8. TINA Male Blenheim or Tri 7-21-20  ON HOLD

  9. LORNE & SHANNON Male Tri 8-3-20  ON HOLD

  10. SHERANI Female Blenheim 10-12-20am

  11. MICHAEL Male Ruby or Tri 11-27-20  ON HOLD

  12. NICK & JENNIFER Male or Female Tri or Blenheim 12-27-20 6pm ON HOLD

  13. JERICA Male or Female Blenheim 12-28-20 ON HOLD

  14. CYNDEE Female Tri or Blenheim 1-1-21 ON HOLD

  15. JANET & NEIL Female or Male Blenheim 1-22-21 ON HOLD

  16. ROBERT & ADRIENNE Female Blenheim or Ruby 1-28-21 ON HOLD

  17. JESSICA Female Tri or Blenheim 2-13-21 ON HOLD

  18. CHAR & BILL Male Blenheim 2-18-21 ON HOLD

  19. MELISSA Female Blenheim or Tri 3-31-21 ON HOLD

  20. CATHY & ROSIE Female Blenheim 6-15-21 ON HOLD

  21. KEELY & RICK Female Tri 7-9-21 ON HOLD

  22. JULIE Female Blenheim 9-8-21 ON HOLD

  23. MARIE Male Tri 12-21-21 ON HOLD

  24. JERRY & MELINDA Male Blenheim or Tri 1-13-22 

  25. KATE & JACE Male Blenheim 1-14-22 

  26. LISA Female Blenheim 1-31-22 ON HOLD

  27. KERRY & GREG Male Blenheim or Tri 3-17-22 ON HOLD

  28. JULIA Male Tri 4-22-22 

  29. AARON Male Blenheim 5-30-22 ON HOLD

  30. VIRGINIA Female Ruby or Blenheim 6-4-22am ON HOLD

  31. SHELLY Female Ruby 6-5-22 ON HOLD

  32. STEPHANIE Female or Male Blenheim, Tri or Ruby 6-22-22 ON HOLD

  33. RICHARD Male 6-12-23 ON HOLD

  34. DONNA Any 7-13-22 ON HOLD

  35. DANIELLE Female or M Blen 9-3-22 ON HOLD

  36. ALISSA Male Tri, B&T or Blenheim 12-1-22 ON HOLD

  37. BIBI Male Blenheim 4-7-23 ON HOLD

  38. CAROLINE Female Blenheim or Tri 7-15-23 ON HOLD

  39. LAURA & STEPHEN Female Tri or Blenheim 9-6-23 ON HOLD till Sept 2024

  40. STORMY Female Blenheim or Tri 9-30-23 ON HOLD

  41. CHRISTEL & EYAL Tri Male 10-16-23

  42. DAVID & JANET Female Blenheim 10-25-23

  43. LUKE Female or Male Tri 12-6-23

  44. LINDSEY Female B&T or Tri 12-21-23

  45. JENNIFER Female B&T, Ruby or Tri 2-10-24 ON HOLD

  46. NICHOLAS & CAROLINE Female Blenheim 3-3-24  OCT 2024 take home date

  47. ELISABETH & MATTHEW Male Blenheim 3-27-24

  48. BOB Female Ruby 5-30-24

  49. FRANK Female Tri or Blenheim or Ruby 5-31-24

  50. BOB & LIALA Female Blenheim or Tri 6-20-24

Litters coming:

Maisel/Tito - Blenheims and Tris - Due 8-7-24

Tisdale/Elliot - Blenheims and Tris - Due 8-18-24

Aspen/Woody - Blenheims - Due 8-25-24

Pruitt/Sturgis - Blenheims and Tris - Due 8-27-24

Ivy/Sturgis - Blenheims and Tris - Due 8-30-24

Penelope/Tito - Blenheims and Tris - Due 9-7-24


Planning on breeding (puppies will be ready to go approximately 4 months from date listed).  Heat dates are approximate and can be off as much as 2 months sometimes:

Mercy (Black & Tan) - June 2024

Eloise (Blenheim) - July 2024

Royce (Tri) - Oct 2024

Leilani (Blenheim) - Oct 2024

Hazy (Blenheim) - Oct 2024

Odessa (Tri) - Oct 2024

Pickles (Tri) - Oct 2024

Fleming (Blenheim) - Nov 2024

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