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Fleming & Sturgis

Due aroung 7-1-24 and can have both Blenheims and Tris.  Click on an individual photo to scroll thru and see the names of the dogs/puppies in the photos.

Thank you for considering one of our puppies. Remember that all puppies are cute, but require a sincere commitment from you for the rest of their lives.

We at Hurricane Cavaliers are committed to providing you with a quality puppy from a well thought out and researched pedigreed Dam and Sire.

  • We will provide lifetime support to the families of our puppies

  • We will breed only health certified parents of the proper ages.

  • We will not sell to pet stores or brokers or with full AKC registration.

  • We feed a quality diet of Open Farm Ancient Grain and also Open Farm Gently Cooked Frozen and rotate the the different proteins varieties.

  • We will only sell puppies in good health.

  • All puppies are up to date on all shots and wormings as well as vet checks.

  • All puppies include an AKC Microchip.


Please do not buy your puppy from a pet shop or broker as nearly ALL these puppies come from a Puppy Mill where adults live in cages every minute of their lives, are treated only as breeding machines, are not tested for any inherited genetic defects, and neither adults or puppies are properly socialized. Buy only from reputable breeders who are breeding to improve the health and quality of their dogs and who care about the welfare of the dog.


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